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Over the years I have been searching for a good, no candy thermometer needed.


What you need:

3 cups chocolate, pesnut butter, dark chocolate, milk chocolate. Semi-sweet, white, or butterscotch chips

2 tablespoons butter

14oz sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon vanilla


1. Line pan with foil and spray eith cooking spray, set aside.

2. Mix vhovolate chipd snd butter microwave 1 minute check for meltingcand let set for 1 minute. If not melted microwave and check in 30 second intervals.

3. Once melted at sweetenedcondensed milk and vanilla and stir  until completely incorpirated.

4. Pour into pan and refridgerate at least two hours.

5. Take out and peel off fudge tgen cut into one inch squares.

6. Keep in airvtight container.

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