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So meatless Monday made me decide that a few more theme’s would be kind of fun so here is a try with Thrifty Thursday. Recipe’s that will be affordable and still tasty. I will aim for $5 meals but will always post the projected price and servings with the recipe.

I found this one here and it is very tasty.

Yield – 6 servings

Preparation Time – 10 minutes

Cooking Time – 30 minutes

1 tablespoon olive oil
6 chicken thighs
1/4 teaspoon seasoned salt (how to make seasoned salt)
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/8 teaspoon pepper
2 cups cooked rice (how to quickly cook rice)
1 3/4 cups corn, or 15 3/4 ounce can, drained
1 3/4 cups black beans, drained (fastest home cooked beans)
2 Roma tomatoes, diced
1/4 cup onion, diced
juice and zest of one lime (frugal tip for when limes are on sale)
1/4 cup cilantro, shredded
1/4 cup chicken or vegetable broth (how to make chicken broth)
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon cumin


Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Add the oil to a frying pan. Place chicken thighs in pan and sprinkle with seasoned salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Brown chicken on both sides.

Combine rice, beans, corn, tomato, and onions in a greased roasting pan.

Combine lime juice, zest, chicken broth, cilantro, honey, and cumin in a small bowl.

Place chicken on the rice and bean mixture. Drizzle lime mixture over the chicken and rice mixture.

Bake at 450 degrees for 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.

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