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Anah Rose has lived in Tucson, Arizona the last twenty years but grew up two hours north west of the bustling city where she first found her love of writing and reading books.  While she is not yet published in the US she has two short stories published in UK Anthologies.  One she was co-author with Brandon Cracroft a horror writer in his own right.  She was always the odd girl out and books were her release from the pain of growing up in a broken home.  Home and Family are important to her and now resides in Tucson, with her husband of 5 years and with her maternal grandmother who is partially responsible for her love of books.  She text rpg’s with two friends and her husband whom also feeds her love to write and has encouraged her to write her first novel.  A drama set in present day.  She reasearches for the books, writes, side writes, and sets mind to keyboard when she is not curled up with a good book.  She has a much better relationship with her in-laws then her blood family and her sister is also her best friend but sadly lives across the US from her.  But the two have come together to bring you this blog!  Enjoy, see what the sisters will come up with and as I always say. Expand your mind there is so much potential in everyone to be more than they are.

~Anah Rose~

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